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Lotion bars are a no waste product. Just rub on your skin and bar will slightly melt to make application easy. No need for empty lotion bottles anymore.


Dry Skin: Mango butter Beeswax Calendula infused grapeseed oil vitamin E Arrowroot Lavender essential oil

Soothing Skin: Shea butter Beeswax Avocado oil arrowroot Vitamin E, lavender essential oil

Hypoallergenic: Mango butter Tallow Beeswax Vitamin E Arrowroot

Bronzing: Shea butter Beeswax Coffee infused coconut oil Vit E Arrowroot

Vanilla: Sunflower oil Cocoa butter Beeswax Arrowroot FO

Orange Blossom: Sunflower oil Beeswax Mango butter Cocoa butter Arrowroot FO

Lotion Bar

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